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  • 10/31/2023 2:22 PM
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    John Tyrrell (Pres.) (Administrator)

    ABC has nearly 185 members and a few of us have been populating the ride calendar with a variety of local and away rides. I'm asking that more members request rides to keep the calendar busy and interesting. They can be well known rides or new ideas. They can help people accomplish the Tour of Maryland Challenge. You don't even have to be the leader. Just give us your suggestions, and in advance.

    If you would like an ABC ride on any date, send a ride request in via our new Request-a-Ride link that is on the Full Calendar and on the main home page under Rides. Just fill in the required info and click submit. Our Ride Coordinators (they are listed on our home page) will receive your request and post it if it is safe and free of other event conflicts, or they will get back to you with questions or recommendations. The tool is new and we'll troubleshoot along the way.

    You'll need the following for your ride request:

    • Your name, phone number, and email address
    • Name of the ride
    • Date and start time
    • Distance and speed
    • Starting location, and address if its not well known. Parks and schools work well.
    • A route created in It can already exist or you can create one. If you need help creating one, contact Paul G, Chris Higgins, or RJ Marquette, but please try it first. Its free and not too hard.
    • General description of the ride, its intent and purpose, and anything else people would like to know about it.
    • You will not be a designated ride leader unless you have experience with this roll and would like to do it but the ride can still be posted as a meet-up event.

    Or, send an email to with the information.

    And, please let me know if you would like to be a ride leader or a ride coordinator and we'll train you for the position. I'm especially looking for a member to promote 13-14 MPH events.

    Thank you Leon Bloom for creating the Request-a-Ride on line tool !

    Call or email me, VP Ryan Geisel, or the rider coordinators if you have questions or ideas.


    John Tyrrell


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