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A Quick Look at the Wild Apricot for Members Mobile App

By: Leon Bloom

The free Wild Apricot app gives you one-click access to phone numbers and email addresses of club members who are registered to attend all ABC events. 


Other reasons why you may want to try the Wild Apricot for Members Mobile App on your mobile device.

  • Only need to login once, using the same account and password you use on this website.
  • One-click access to member information, easy access to ALL members' phone numbers.
  • One-click access to upcoming events.
  • Click on ride location to access map.

Install the Wild Apricot For Members App on your mobile device.

When logged into the app, see "members", "events", "my tickets" (events) and "my profile" at bottom of screen

  • Easy access to the entire member list (click on name to get all member info).
  • One-click to dial phone.
  • One-click to send email.
  • Cut and paste phone number to text members.

Event overview:

The "add to calendar" works with one click, i.e. better than the web site version.

One click on the Event-Location-link to open a map with directions.

Event details (info)

All registered riders on your next event.

(click on name and get easy access to all contact information).

Rides you are registered for (My-Tickets), and your past events.

See details of your upcoming events (My-Tickets) you have registered for.

Now, this app does NOT do everything, members will still need to use the website to renew membership, see photos, and see and post to the bulletin board.



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