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Ride Safety

Helmets are REQUIRED on all ABC rides. Smart riders have working lights on the front and rear of their bicycle. All rides should emphasize safe group riding and respect for motorists and other bicyclists.

Members are highly encouraged to list an emergency point of contact and telephone number in their membership profile. Including your photo in the  profile is a good idea to help locate a rider who may be lost or injured.

While riders are responsible for their ride, all riders in the group will call out and signal any perils on the ride, for everyone's benefit and assistance.

League of American Bicyclists and Bike Maryland

ABC is a member of the LAB which has a range of safety related materials for rider education:

Many other safety related articles and videos are available on-line and in print media. Take advantage of them and keep up to date and refreshed with safe riding practices. Bike Maryland has safe riding information here

Safety Manager

ABC has created the Safety Manager and is being led by Paul Garza.

Ride Incident Protocols

Incidents can happen. If an incident occurs, take all the time that's needed to help those affected. These are examples of what to do:

1. Calmly assess physical injury: it may take a while for a downed rider to collect themselves. Check their helmet and bike for damage.

2. Continue riding if the rider, bike, and helmet, are OK: otherwise go to #3.

3. Call 911 when immediate medical assistance is needed. Absolutely call if there is major helmet damage, bleeding, breaks, dizziness, or swelling. The first responders are the best professionals to decide what to do next. Seriously injured riders may decline assistance or emergency services due to shock, confusion, dizziness, or modesty. Call anyway and stay with them until the emergency responders depart. Never leave an injured rider alone.

4. Call the riders emergency contact on the website or in the smartphone app under the riders contact information.

5. If a motor vehicle is involved call the police.

6. Get drivers insurance information, address, phone number, and plate number.

7. Obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses.

8. Preferably take photos of the scene, rider’s injuries, bike and all other involved vehicles.

9. Seek the necessary medical treatment for non-emergency injuries.

10. Encourage the involved rider to have the bike thoroughly inspected by a bike shop to ensure it is safe to use.

11. Notify the President, Safety Manager, and Ride Coordinator so we can understand the riders needs and learn from the experience.

12. Complete an incident report.

13. Rider and President complete an expense claim form with the insurance carrier if a claim is desired.

Incident Report Form

If an accident occurs on an ABC posted ride, an Incident Report Form must be completed by the ride leader or effected rider and then transmitted to the President and Safety Manager.

ABC Insurance Policies

Details about our member General Liability Coverage and Participant Accident Coverage and insurance Certificate of Liability Insurance can be found here and the Officers & Directors policy is here.

Medical Claim Form

If an effected member would like to submit a claim for expenses with our insurance provider, this claim form needs to be completed by the rider and president and submitted to the insurance carrier.

State Bicycle Laws

The League of American Bicyclists has state bicycle laws at this weblink: Please review the Maryland laws.

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