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Instead of riding on Zwift today I took some time to create a google map of all of the ABC Adventure Rides this year. It includes ABC AR (ABC sponsored / advertised rides outside of the Anne Arundel area), OOA (Out of Area Rides managed by others that ABC members participated in and we advertised on the ABC website), and a few unadvertised rides a few ABC members participated in while ABC was not officially sponsoring / advertising rides.

ABC Adventure Rides

Maybe something to advertise on the site? Maybe add the local rides to a separate map?

Some stats from ABC AR: The Adventure ride routes add up to 1400 miles of mostly Maryland roads. We had 20 advertised and completed Adventure Rides this year (so far), with an average 7.5 riders each for a total combined ABC rider mileage of 9,880. This is based upon ride registrations and routes. For OOA rides, not many this year due to COVID, but ABC participated in 5 events advertised on the ABC site for a total of 1900 ABC rider miles.


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