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Who We Are

The Annapolis Bicycle Club, founded in 1993, is a not-for-profit, service marked, growth oriented membership organization dedicated to the interests of recreational cycling enthusiasts. Our interests are recreation, exercise, safety and camaraderie. We don't pollute or block traffic and we encourage cyclists to adhere to traffic laws.

We have two activities. We ride bicycles and we have fun all at the same time.

Our Rides

We produce several hundred rides per year during the week and on weekends, all year long. We have rides for the lean and mean cyclist who just maxxed out the credit card buying a titanium frame with a Campy Record gruppo to anybody who has a bike in good condition and a body that would like to get there.

Here's the kinds of rides we offer:

  • Regularly scheduled rides around the Annapolis area on certain weekdays (even in the winter) and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. They include roads and trails.
  • Sunday touring rides in the Annapolis area and in nearby scenic areas such as the Eastern Shore, Western Maryland and Virginia. The Cherry Blossom ride in DC is a favorite.
  • Summer weekend rides to places such as Bethany Beach, Gettysburg and the Shenandoah Valley.

For rides and tours away from the Annapolis area, such as the Seagull Century on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Bike Florida, and Bike Virginia, members often carpool to reduce costs and increase enjoyment of these activities. 

Check back frequently to the Events link on the website for ride announcements.

Contact our Ride Coordinators if you would like to suggest a ride or lead a ride. We are seeking more ride leaders and will train you.

Our Social Events

ABC members socialize during and after rides and at our monthly Third Thursday Get Together for current, new, and past members, and their guests. TTGT takes place at different Annapolis area restaurants at 6pm and is a great time. Bring a sense of humor, an appetite, and a few good stories to share.

We have our annual winter holiday dinner and party at very nice venues and a summer/autumn picnic for the whole family. ABC subsidizes the costs.

ABC members plan and operate the rest stops at the LifeLine100 annual event. 


All members have access to the website and receive our newsletter, Tailwind Express, which details all activities and rides plus features information on bicycle advocacy and news on club activities. 

Members receive weekly emails about rides and other topics of interest.

Most important - members have access to other members for information and tips on rides and best routes in the Annapolis area.  Many of our riders have been riding for years and years and possess a wealth of information they are happy to share with you. Member contact information is in the members only area on the website.


at abc@annapolisbicycleclub.org and all details for members are located in the members only area of the website.

President  John Tyrrell   b

abc_pres AT annapolisbicycleclub.  org

Past President, Advisor, Strava POC Jim Black

Vice President Open position


Treasurer Steve Sharkey   b

At-Large Members of the Board Len Jones

Jim Van Horn

Chris Higgins

Safety Manager Paul Garza

Ride Coordinators:

Local Weekly Rides Joe Urban

Out of Area Adventure Rides  Chris Higgins


Tailwind Express Editors Sandi Delcore

editor@annapolisbicycleclub.org    Open

Webmasters Jim Black

Leon Bloom

Social Media Matt Schuster


Third Thursday Get Together Linda "LJ" Reiter

Picnic Cathy Fox

Lifeline 100 Rest Stop Coordinator Jim Miner

Ride Leaders

Len Jones - Ride Leader Advisor & BWI ride

Tina McDermott - Ride Leader Advisor &South Ride

Jim Black - 14-15

Donna Carrington - 12-14

Fitz Fitzpatrick - SPark - 14-15

Stephen Graham

Chris Higgins - 17-20

Len Jones - BWI & 16

Khalil Kodsi - BWI & 17

RJ Marquette - 15

Jim Miner - 14-15 & Tuesday/Thursday

Lynn Mullineaux - Sunday 13-14

Leor Segev - Sunday - 16

John C. Tyrrell - 17-20

Joe Urban

Eric Veit - 16+

and You! - Please ask how!

Additional Membership Benefits

  • Members on ABC rides are covered liability and injury insurance. Officers & Directors are covered by a liability policy.
  • Convenient sign-up and renewal via the web page and smart phone app
  • Access to the bulletin board. Everyone can view bulletins and members can post them
  • 10% discount at Bike Doctor of Annapolis & Crofton
  • Exclusive Strava Club
  • All members of ABC are automatically members of BikeAAA advocacy organization
  • ABC custom jerseys, made in USA
  • ABC smartphone app from Wild Apricot
  • Membership in League of American Bicyclists  http://www.bikeleague.org

We Welcome New Members!

Best regards,

John C. Tyrrell, President ABC

ABC does not have a PO box.

Send an email to request a mailing address.

Candidate new jersey for 2022

Let the President know what you think. It is available in women's and men's designs and loose club and tight racing cuts. The goal is to place a quantity order so it is around $65.00 - $75.00 like the last one. The price could be higher due to inflation but we will only sell them at-cost. It is American made in Pittsburgh so the supply chain and delivery times should be predictable and reliable.

The new jersey will use

  • our state registered official logo
  • our base colors of gold, white, black, and red
  • the MD state flag
  • an image of a blue crab (an officially recognized name of Annapolis is Crab Town)
  • Will promote ABC front and back
  • Will be cool and visible with full length zipper

Contact the President to try one on.


Right side with the flag of Annapolis which is pretty cool. I've asked the mayor if we are even allowed to use the Annapolis flag:

Back - The flag on the pocket was too busy. Looks better in gold. The lettering on front and back will be RED.


 Join us on our new pages:




Annapolis Bicycle Club supports BikeAAA,
Bicycle Advocates for Annapolis 
& Anne Arundel County 

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Contact : abc_pres@annapolisbicycleclub.org

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