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  • 08/25/2023 9:50 PM
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    John Tyrrell (ABC Pres.) (Administrator)

    The latest edition of Tailwind Express (TWE), the Club newsletter is posted on our website at Annapolis Bicycle Club - Tailwind Express Newsletter. You may manually navigate to it at annapolisbicycleclub.org then in the red menu bar select the newsletter link.

    This edition features several videos (a new feature), photos, and a range of valuable announcements. Please read and give us your feedback.

    In this issue:

    • The President's Column focused on growth
    • ABC's Tour of Maryland Challenge: Take Adventure Rides, see the state!
    • Safety Page: "To Do Lists" pre-ride/ ride-time, + LAB ABC Quick Check 
    • Safety Page: Ride Incident Protocols
    • Doug Corby Strikes Senior Olympic Gold
    • Photos from recent rides, including the Armed Forces Classic Criterion, the St. Michaels Metric, and others
    • New Member List, plus some new member profiles
    • Upcoming Events + Lifeline 100 in need of volunteers (+LL info)
    • History: Major Taylor, World Champion Cyclist
    • Affiliates and Business Supporters


    John Tyrrell, President

    Ed Marx, TWE Editor and board member

    PS - we show so many members wearing ABC jerseys. More jerseys are in stock locally and available for ordering on our website.

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