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Who We Are

The Annapolis Bicycle Club Inc. is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the interests of recreational cycling enthusiasts. Our interests are recreation, exercise, safety and camaraderie. We don't pollute or block traffic and we encourage cyclists to adhere to traffic laws.

What We Do

We have two activities. We ride bicycles and we have fun all at the same time. We have rides for the lean and mean cyclist who just maxxed out the credit card buying a titanium frame with a Campy Record gruppo to anybody who has a bike in good condition and a body that would like to get there. Here's the kinds of rides we do:

  • Regularly scheduled rides around the Annapolis area on certain weekdays (even in the winter) and on Saturdays.
  • Sunday touring rides in the Annapolis area and in nearby scenic areas such as the Eastern Shore, Western Maryland and Virginia.
  • Summer weekend rides to places such as Bethany Beach, Gettysburg and the Shenandoah Valley.


All members receive our monthly newsletter, Tailwind, which details all activities and rides plus features information on bicycle advocacy and news on club activities. 

Most important - members have access to other members for information and tips on rides and best routes in the Annapolis area.  Many of our riders have been riding for years and years and possess a wealth of information they will be happy to share with you. 

For rides and tours away from the Annapolis area, such as the Seagull Century on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Bike Florida, and Bike Virginia, members often carpool to reduce costs and increase enjoyment of these activities. 

Questions? email President at Annapolisbicycleclub.org or drop us a line at:

Annapolis Bicycle Club 
P.O. Box 224 
Annapolis, MD 21404

Upcoming events

29 Oct 2016 (EDT) • see description
08 Nov 2016 (EST) • See Description
29 Apr 2017 (EDT) • Bethany Beach, Delaware
17 Jun 2017 (EDT) • Easton, MD

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is a non-profit organization focused on creating a healthier, more livable Annapolis and Anne Arundel County by promoting safe bicycling for transportation, recreation and fitness. More.
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Annapolis Bicycle Club       P.O. Box 224        Annapolis, MD 21404

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