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  • 11 May 2012 10:00 AM
    Message # 917530
    The East Coast Greenway (ECG) is a developing 2,900 mile route, a sort of Appalachian Trail for bicyclists from the Canadian Boarder in Maine to Key West, FL. Some of you may have ridden a portion of this route. The route will eventually be entirely separated from car traffic. Twenty six percent of the route is currently separated from car traffic. I am a long time supporter of safe long distance bike routes. To this end I have committed to raise $400 for the ECG and plan to ride 365 miles from Portland, ME to Hartford, CT from August 19 through the 25th.

    Would you be willing to support the ECG by donating toward my fund-raising goal? Every dollar raised goes to the ECG, not to pay for my trip. I will be paying for all my food, lodging and travel. A donation of $57 represents one day of my trip. Of course I welcome any contributions of any amount you wish to make. You can easily donate on the Internet at https://www.greenway.org/donation_form.aspx? Please put my name David Bleil in the "This Donation is in honor of" box. The Greenway Alliance will provide an acknowledgment for your tax deduction.  Alternative you may make out a check to the East Coast Greenway Alliance and either mail it to Debbie West,Office Manager,East Coast Greenway Alliance, 5315 Highgate Dr. Suite 105, Durham, NC 27713 and mark it as a contribution in honor of David Bleil.

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