Paid Crew Needed for Race Across America

  • 05/18/2022 4:03 PM
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    John Tyrrell (ABC Pres.) (Administrator)

    ABC, I just spoke with Mike Lau who has a rider in the upcoming Race Across America and they are seeking qualified crew for 10 days across the county. Contact Mike Lau of you are available or know a qualified cycling race crew member. Here is Mike's original message:

    I am a coordinator for a race team enrolled in the 2022 RAAM (Race Across America) and we would like to hire a few additional crew members for the race in June from Oceanside, Ca to Annapolis, Md.  Some of our regular crew members are not able to enter the US due to heightened COVID restrictions.  We waited untill now hoping COVID travel restrictions would be relaxed but at this point we must make other plans.

    The cyclist is an experienced solo racer and our target is to cross the finish line in 10 days.  The crew will be divided into 3 follow vehicles each taking an 8 hour follow shift per day.  The crew will sleep in hotels/motel and all lodging and expenses including airfare will be covered.  Plus new crew members will be paid a daily rate based on ability/experience.

    Ideal candidates will have prior race experience and/or medical/physical therapy/massage backgrounds.  But at this late hour, any responsible person who can follow a GPS/map will be considered and appreciated.  

    The race begins on Tuesday June 16 in Oceanside, CA.  We would prefer candidates to be available in Oceanside by Sunday the 14th or earlier to meet the rest of the team and to review our plans and procedures.

    For ideal candidates who have RAAM race experience we are offering up to $350+ per day plus all hotel and expenses covered.

    Please let me know if you know of any candidates or have any advise on how we can find candidates.  Thank you. or 813-918-0732

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