Saftey Recall on Bontrager Satellite Pedals

  • 06/07/2021 6:03 PM
    Message # 10602497
    Paul G (Administrator)

    I know many of our members probably will not use these type of pedals.  But maybe your neighbor or other family members recently purchased a city/touring bike and it came with these pedals.  Please see link from TREK on recall information below.  Thanks. Paul,+on+a+red+background&utm_content=Image+-+Red+exclamation+mark+in+a+lighter+red+circle,+on+a+red+background&utm_campaign=US+Consumer+20210526+Satellite+Pedal+Recall&_bta_tid=33209691005476430485120478076975875007047710877514191290575496040996623394327208072971109361778702526977&_bta_c=i90tu6sb5xnmnvuyaov942t176fnx

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