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  • 05/25/2021 3:09 PM
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    Hey Everyone,

    I see many cyclist have blinking lights on their bikes these days. Although I don't ride at night, I see the advantage to these lights in daylight to keep motorist from running you over whilst they examine their phones. Any thoughts on what lights work well while not breaking the bank?



  • 05/26/2021 12:08 PM
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    Eric Veit (Administrator)

    I use a front blinking (can be solid too) white light for visibility in day light.  Mine's made by Giant, bought at Annapolis Velo 3 years ago for probably less than $25, but I imagine the options are limitless.  Mine takes 2 small, disc type batteries (CR2332 maybe?) that typically last me 1000 miles or more, but even better to find one you can recharge via USB.  It's small, light, and bright - all important factors for me.  

    Ever since having a car pulling out from a parking lot on my right side almost hit me 3 years ago, I keep the light on the right side of my front stem on the handlebars.  I view drive ways/side streets/parallel parked cars on the right as the primary threat from the front. 

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