Do you want to enjoy high energy and endurance during your ride? Prevent fatigue during your workout and have fresh legs for tomorrow’s ride as well. Athletes are sometimes confused as to what is the best food to eat before, during and after their ride. Here are answers to help clear up that confusion and offer some answers.

- Drink lots of pure water before, during and after riding

- Eat lots of fruits and vegetables whole or juiced

- Pack your own healthy snacks for the ride

- Watch out for processed foods and sugary powdered drink mixes

- Eat a good meal the night before a ride

- Eat breakfast before a ride

- Eat healthy snacks during the ride

- Eat or drink something with natural sugar in it like fruit immediately after a ride for recovery

- Eat a well-balanced meal within an hour of a ride to help with recovery.

I wish you the best riding season ever!

Ride well~

Recipes used in Tina's video

Sweet Potato Fries

Sizzling Salmon with sauteed greens

Dark Chocolate Oranges

Fueling your Ride

Baked Broccoli and Pumpkin seeds

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