ABC Rides this Weekend - April 26-27

  • 04/26/2014
  • 9:00 AM
  • 04/27/2014
  • various, see descriptions


9:00 am start at the Davidsonville park & ride: Jim Miner will lead a no-drop 30 mile ride at a CC pace: 13-14mph. 

9:00 am start at the Davidsonville park & ride: Mark Hanna will lead a 45 mile ride to Deale via Galesville at a B pace of 15mph. Cue sheet. 

Potomac Pedalers is conducting 3 rides to Annapolis for lunch, from Severna Park Village (20 miles at a leisurely D pace, about 10 mph), and Marley Station Mall (30 or 50 miles at a C pace, about 12 mph). Start times are different for each ride; see the Potomac Pedalers schedule for details. 

9:00 am start at the Davidsonville park & ride: Richard Schoenfeld will lead a 30-37 mile ride to Galesville at 14-15mph. No drop. 

9:00 am start in Marshall, VA: Potomac Pedalers Zapman Extended 61/50 mile B pace ride led by Dave Thatcher! Start location is a park & ride in Marshall, VA. For details see the online listing

9:00 am start: Bike Doctor of Crofton group ride. Contact the store for details:  410.451.6901

10:00 am start at Southern High School: Potomac Pedalers 42 mile CC/B pace ride to Deale. Details are online here

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