Potomac Pedalers multi-pace Ride between the Sheetz

  • 25 August 2012
  • 8:00 AM
  • 81 West Frederick Street, Walkersville, MD
This is a ride for all paces! ABC's Ruth Sheridan leads the B ride.

CC/B/BB/A * 42/63/101/126 * MD * 8 AM * Gateway Between the Sheetz to Gettysburg * WHS

When: 8/25/2012
Where: Map this event ยป
Walkersville High School
81 West Frederick Street
Walkersville, Maryland 21793

George Haas (gr.haas@verizon.net)

The 3 Sheetz series will be led as a multi-class, multi-distances set of rides from Walkersville.
And, for the first time a Double Metric Century option will be offered. The routes are on mostly low travelled roads with gently rolling terrain and scenic views but, not a lot of shade.
This is a self-supported ride with rest stops at retail stores and no sag support.
Arrive early since this ride has historically attracted well over one hundred riders. Be sure to apply plenty of sun block and bring $$$ for food and fluids. All rides will follow the same route for the first 26.8 miles to the first rest stop in Thurmont. Additional details of each ride follows:
1. Shortest Sheetz - 41.8 miles - After the first rest stop, the route returns directly back to Walkersville.
2. Short Sheetz - 63.5 miles - After the first rest stop, the route continues north with the century route for about 10 miles and then turns back towards Thurmont for a second rest stop back at the Sheetz at mile 48.5 miles. After the second rest stop, the route returns directly back to Walkersville.
3. Gateway Between the Sheetz - 100.3 miles - After the first rest stop, the route continues north to Gettysburg where we ride through the eastern part of the battlefield to the second rest stop at mile 56.1 at the Gateway between the Sheetz. From there, we loop to the western part of the battlefield and head south back to Thurmont for the third rest stop at mile 85.5 ....guess where. From there, hot and tired, we continue back to Walkersville.
4. Gateway Between the Sheetz Plus One - 126 miles - Breaks from the century route after the Gettysburg rest stop and adds another Sheetz in Taneytown at mile 86.4 before heading back to the Thurmont Sheetz rest stop at mile 110.3. From there, very hot and very tired, we continue back to Walkersville (perhaps via a taxi).
Any questions, contact: George Haas [gr.haas@verizon.net] 301/928-1753

CC: Richard Rose [BikerRich7@aol.com] 301/996-6991
B: Ruth Sheridan [ruthsheridan@msn.com] 202/258-0788
BB: Corey Keifetz [coreyk1951@gmail.com] 301/785-2388
A: Jeff Boarman [boarmanjcycle1955@verizon.net] - Cell Phone: 301-938-8803

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