ABC Weekend Rides - Updated!

  • 10/01/2016
  • 10/02/2016
  • see description


9:00 AM in Glen Burnie: Memorial Ride for Rene Szczesniak. See event listing for location and details. 

8:00 AM start at Southern High School

9:00 AM start at the Davidsonville park & ride: Postponed to Sunday. 


9:00 AM start time at the Thomas A. Dixon Aircraft Observation Area parking lot: BWI Trail Ride for Novice Cyclists. Susan Robinson will lead an easy pace 11 mile ride on the trail around BWI Airport. Contact Susan:

9:00 AM start at the Davidsonville park & ride: Mark Jones will lead a 50 mile ride to Deale at a pace of 15-16 MPH. Contact Mark: 

9:00 AM start at the Davidsonville park & ride: Jim Black will lead a 30 mile ride at 13-14 MPH; no drop. A second group may ride 37 miles. Contact Jim: 

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