ABC Weekend Rides

  • 06/18/2016
  • 06/19/2016
  • see description


8:00 AM start at Southern High School: John Wilson will lead a 60 mile ride to North Beach following the reverse route at 16-17mph pace. Riders who are not able to maintain the pace could be dropped; please be prepared with a printout/download of the cue sheets:Dave's Route and the Reverse Route Contact John:

9:00 AM start at the Davidsonville park & ride: Richard Strafella will lead a no-drop 30 mile ride at 13-14 MPH. A second group may ride 37 miles to Galesville. Contact Richard:


9:00 AM start time at the Thomas A. Dixon Aircraft Observation Area parking lot: BWI Trail Ride for Novice Cyclists. ABC Vice President Susan Robinson will lead an easy pace ride on the trail around BWI Airport. For more information see the calendar event or contact Susan:

9:00 AM start at the Davidsonville park & ride: Meetup for a 37 mile ride at 14-15 MPH. 

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