ABC Weekend Rides and Bike to Work Day

  • 05/15/2015
  • 05/17/2015
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It's Bike to Work Day! Information on area events is available here


8:00 AM start at the Davidsonville park & ride: Richard Schoenfeld will lead a no-drop 30 mile ride at 14-15 mph. A second group to ride 37 miles may form if there is interest. Contact Richard:

8:00 AM start at Southern High School: Len Jones will lead a 64 mile ride at a 16-17 mph pace. Contact Len:

Jim Van Horn will lead a group on the same 64 mile route at a 15 mph pace. Please contact Jim if you plan to ride in his group:


9:00 AM start at the Davidsonville park & ride: Meet up for a ride to Galesville or Deale, 30-41 miles. Route choice depends upon participants; no designated leader. 

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