Great Annapolis Bicycle Tour Route   1998

L = left turn R = right turn S = straight

Start Maryland Department of Natural Resources Building
Taylor Avenue and Rowe Blvd adjacent to the stadium
Cross  Taylor Ave at Pedestrian Walkway
S  Paved path onto US Naval Academy Stadium parking lot
R   Farragut Rd
S   Cross Rowe Blvd.
S  Melvin Ave.
L   Ridgley Ave.
R   Monterey Ave.
L   Claude St.
R   Scott Dr.
R   Westwood Rd
L   Wardour Rd
R   Kent Rd
R   Norwood Rd
L   Melvin Ave.
L   Annapolis St.
S   Route 450
R   U.S. Naval Academy Gate 8, travel around sea wall.
S   Exit Gate 1 on to King George St.
L   East St.
R   Prince George St.
L   Maryland Ave.
R   State Circle
R   Cornhill St.
R   Market Space
L   Around Memorial Circle
R   Dock St.
L   Susan B. Campbell Park
S   Lock St.
R   Craig St.
L   Prince George St.
L   Randal St.
R   Market Space
R   Main St.
R   Church Circle
R   Franklin St.
R   Shaw St.
L   Lafayette Ave.
R   Murray Ave.
L   Colonial Ave.
R   Steele Ave.
L   Monticello Ave.
R   Brooke St.
S   Constitution Ave.
L   Chase St.
R   Smith St.
L   Spa View Ave.
S   Spa View Circle
R   Monticello Ave.
R   Lafayette Ave.
R   Southgate Ave.
L   Franklin St.
R   Shaw St.
L   Charles St.
R   Cathedral St.
L   Conduit St.
R   Union St.
L   Market St.
R   Duke of Gloucester St.
R   Compromise St. (cross over Spa Creek Bridge)
L   Severn Ave.
R   First St.
L   Chesapeake Ave.
R   Horn Point Dr.
R   Chester Ave.
R   Third St.
L   Chesapeake Ave.
S   Bay Ridge Ave.
R   Madison St.
L   President St.
R   Tyler Ave.
L   Tyler Ave.
L   Wood Dr.
R   Janwal St.
L   Bricin St.
L   Forest Hill Ave.
R   Bay Ridge Ave. (cross Forest Dr.)
S   Hillsmere Dr.
R   Quiet Waters Park (Rest Stop – Visitor’s Center)
L   Hillsmere Dr. (cross Forest Dr.)
S   Bay Ridge Ave.
R   Warren Dr.
L   Janice Dr.
R   Tyler Ave. (cross Bay Ridge Ave.)
S   Hilltop Lane (cross Spa Rd.)
R   Merryman Rd
L   Hawkins Lane
R   Cherry Grove Rd (cross wood bridge)
S   Cherry Grove Rd. (cross West St.)
R   Poplar Ave.
L   Glen Ave.
L   Cedar Park Road
R   Farragut Road
R   Turn right into Naval Academy Stadium parking lot
S   Cross Taylor Avenue at Pedestrian Crosswalk
END   DNR building. Visit the Tawes Gardens at this complex.