ABC Rides

Helmets are REQUIRED on all ABC Rides!

  • All ABC rides are presented without cost to members. Out of Area rides, not sponsored by the club, usually require an entry fee and occasionally they require fundraising. 
  • All club rides are announced in a weekly e-mail; to get on our list please join us. 
  • All rides should emphasize safe group riding and respect for motorists and other bicyclists. Ride distances tend to be shorter during the early and late seasons and longer during the summer. Most rides include at least one rest stop with snacks available for purchase. Call the ride leader if you have any questions and always take plenty to drink during the ride.


Ride Cancellation Policy  

When inclement weather is forecast the Club makes every effort to cancel rides via advance e-mail announcement. If, one hour before a scheduled ride, the official weather report for the ride start area predicts rain or strong winds, the ride may be cancelled. If you are in doubt, call the Ride Leader. 

Regularly Scheduled Rides are categorized according to pace and difficulty: 

13 - 14 MPH - On most Saturdays we offer a 30 mile ride at this pace. It's a no-drop ride, meaning that the group stops frequently and waits for everyone to catch up. 

14 - 16 MPH - Rides are 35 - 65 miles over sometimes hilly terrain. 

16 Plus MPH - For experienced riders able to average a pace of 16-plus mph over varied terrain for 50-60 miles. 


If you average about 15.5MPH - We suggest riding with the 14-16 MPH group first; if you find yourself at the front of the pack and eager to go faster then move to the 16+ group. 


Before choosing to ride with the 16+ group, please be aware:

  • 16+ rides are for experienced, strong, fast cyclists who desire more of a challenge than provided by other group rides. The 16+ ride category is for bicyclists able to maintain average speeds of 16 mph and more over climbs and challenging terrain.
  • 16+ rides will drop slower cyclists. Cyclists are expected to be self-sufficient in terms of minor repairs, following cue sheets, and recovering from missed turns or incorrect cue sheets. The 13-15 MPH rides are usually no-drop.

Week night rides - Wednesday night rides are scheduled when there is adequate light. These rides go out as a single group and accommodate a pace of 14-16MPH. 

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